Trip Leader: Mrs A. Cawthorne
Trip Staff: Mr A. Shipman
  Mrs A. Townsend
  Mr E. Long
  Miss J. Williams
  Mr R. Hillier
  Mrs V. Avery


Day 1 - Travel to Geneva

Day 2 - Visit the CERN facility and the Botanical Gardens, evening fondue

Day 3 - Visit the United Nation Headquarters, Swatch Museum, Old Town and Cathedral

Day 4 - Visit the Red Cross Headquarters, Natural History Museum, evening bowling

Day 5 - Travel back to Wigmore


Geneva 2018

Geneva 2018

This November sixty-one year nine students enjoyed a jam-packed visit to Geneva. A guided tour of the headquarters of the Red Cross provided an insight into the extensive and vital work of this humanitarian organisation. The tour of the amazing United Nations building included the three main assembly rooms where the nations of the world gather to organise activities as diverse as humanitarian relief, trade deals and ceasefires.

The visit to the vast CERN site provided an overview of the advanced science and technology being used to create in the world’s largest experiment; trying to recreate the events of the Big Bang.

Transport enthusiasts were spoilt as we used planes, trains, trams, buses and boats during the five day trip, whilst history fans enjoyed the Natural History Museum and the picturesque old town, including amazing views of the city from the cathedral towers. Food lovers tucked into a traditional Swiss fondue, yummy crepes and huge pizzas whilst our botanists could explore the botanical gardens. The staff were impressed by the amount of French used by our students, such as when they bought their lunches and enjoyed some light shopping.

Night-time promenades along the lakeside and a bowling evening completed a busy and engaging trip.

Mr A Shipman