Christmas Draw and KS3 Disco 2018

The annual Christmas Draw will take place at Wigmore High School Christmas Concert on Monday 17th December 2018.

The High School has already secured some great prizes for the draw, but we are dependent on the generosity of High School Parents/Guardians for further prizes.

This year we are intending making up Christmas Hampers as prizes and would greatly appriciate donations as follows:

Year 7 pupils - Speciality Christmas non food items (e:g. toiletries, crackers)

Year 8 pupils - Speciality Christmas food items (e:g. cranberry sauce, Christmas pudding)

Year 9 pupils - Biscuits and cakes

Year 10 pupils - Bottles and jars

Year 11 pupils - Confectionery (sweets and chocolates)

If you are able to donate a prize please send in to the School Office. We will be delighted to receive prizes in the High School Office from today.

Thanks you for your support with these important fund raising events.