CERN 2018


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19:48 update: should be back between 8:15-8:20, apologies again for the delay

18:55, currently on M5, 56 miles away, ETA 8:10pm, apologies for the delay

17:40 Just left membury services - Hoping to be back in around 2 hrs 20, making our ETA 8pm, though please keep checking for updates incase this changes

14:39, just returned from the London Eye, saw a proposal onboard (she said yes) and all staff and pupils back on coaches and making our way out of London. Keep checking for ETA updates

Lovely morning in St Paul’s Cathedral exploring and climbing the many many steps to the top! Onto the London Eye!

Lovely night at St Edwards theatre watching Aladdin and a nice, relaxed shop this morning before St. Paul’s Carhedrals and the London Eye

A couple of groundlings at the globe earlier today while we sat in the middle class seats of the restored globe theatre #twoglobetheatresbothalikeindignity

Busy busy busy! A very enjoyable trip to the globe theatre, followed by the Islamic centre

A bit of Prince Harry spotting at Buckingham Palace, and then en route to the Globe Theatre!

Early start in London today, pupils have had a huge breakfast and have been exploring the underground... via a scenic route!

Fun afternoon had by both staff and pupils at the Imperial War Museum and the Orbittal (including the big slide down it!)


All safely arrived in London. Check later for updates on what we’ve been up to!

Beaconsfield services to rehydrate and get some early lunch before London!

KS3 exams will take place from 11th June. All KS3 pupils have brought home a letter and an exam timetable this week. The timetables are also available on the school website.

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