Head of Faculty: Mrs C. Preston
Teachers: Mrs C. Preston
  Mr P. Preston
  Mrs B. Skellern
  Mrs T. Jenman


English at Key Stage 3 is an extension and expansion of Literacy from Primary school. These skills are built upon through the introduction of increasingly challenging texts; responses are more analytical and evaluative and increasingly require discursive essay style responses. Writing skills are honed to increase complexity and sophistication as well as sensitive language and structural choices. By Key Stage 4, students are ready for the demands of two GCSEs – English Language and English Literature – which all are entered for. In addition to the set texts for the Literature examinations, pupils prepare for the unseen texts through wide reading both in and out of school time. Speaking and Listening proficiency is also enhanced through a range of experiences and demonstrated in the GCSE Endorsement. A more detailed breakdown of subject content at both key stages can be found by clicking the links on the right hand side.