Food Preparation and Nutrition

Teaching Staff: Mrs N .Jeynes, Mrs J. Warley and Mrs R. Cartwright

Technician: Mrs T Wade

Having started a new year, we are delighted with our excellent GCSE results in Food Technology for 2017- all of the students created excellent final pieces to complement their written portfolios.

At Key stage 4 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition (AQA) is offered. Many Y10 pupils have opted this year and we have two full groups again. The students will study food in more depth, extending their making skills, experimenting with food components and gaining an understanding of nutrition and food science in theory lessons.

The year 11s are well on their way to completing their first NEA- a food science investigation. Later in the year they will complete their NEA2- to produce 3 practical dishes in a three-hour examination that link to a specific dietary need or country theme.

Programmes of Study