Head of Faculty: Mr J. Bell
Teachers: Mr R. Hilliar
  Miss N. Jones


History is an engaging subject where students are encouraged to develop enquiring minds in order to figure out how we got to where we are today via our societies vast and varied history. It requires students to think critically and ask inquisitive questions not only about our history, but the sources that provide us with this information. History prepares for life beyond school by embedding skills such as critically analysing sources, gaining a sense of development over time and most importantly gaining and formulating independent opinions as topics are studied. KS3 have 1.5 hours per week curriculum time. KS4 are able to opt to take the AQA 8145 GCSE syllabus in the spring term of year 9, which is part of the English Baccalaureate. A more detailed breakdown of subject content at both key stages can be found by clicking the links on the right hand side.