Head of Faculty: Mrs J. Hartland
Teachers: Mrs J. Hartland
  Mrs R. Davies
  Mr A. Shipman
  Miss J. Williams


During years 7 and 8, all pupils develop mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills. We aim to provide opportunities for pupils to develop and deepen their understanding, whilst building connections between the subject content of Number, Algebra, Shape and Measures, Probability and Statistics. Our KS3 course across the two years starts the preparation for their GCSE Maths, as well as giving them the tools for success with the mathematical components of many other GCSE subjects. High attaining students are entered for the UK Maths Challenge (UKMT) - the Junior Challenge in years 7 & 8 and the Intermediate Challenge in year 9 & 10.

All pupils continue with AQA GCSE (9-1) mathematics through years 9 to 11, with a strong element of functional mathematics where your child will learn to apply their mathematical processing and problem solving skills to everyday situations.

The final GCSE qualification in May and June of year 11 is three 1½ hour papers (one is non-calculator). The decision whether to enter each student for Higher (grades 9-4) or Foundation (grades 5-1) will be made during year 11.