Head of Faculty: Mr K. Williams
Teachers: Miss J. Davies


Music is a truly multifaceted subject where students pursue to develop their practical skills and understanding of music.  Students are required to perform, compose and listen to a range of different pieces from different styles which demand not only their critical thinking but they creativity too.   Pupils are introduced to the concepts of pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, duration, timbre, texture and beat. They also learn good singing technique, developing composition and performance skills. Music from different periods of history and different cultures are also explored.  The key focus is on the development of aural skills, using instruments and/or voice. KS3 have 1 hour per week. KS4 are able to take the EDUQAS GCSE syllabus in the spring term of year 9.  Students are also encouraged to perform in the school’s annual concerts throughout the year in preparation and part of the GCSE course.