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Wigmore High School Uniform Information

Wigmore High School uniform information September 2019

  • Navy blue v neck jumper with Wigmore logo – this is a new item, available from Clubsport only (Y8-Y11 pupils can choose to continue to wear their sweatshirt from previous uniform during 2019-2020 if it is still in good condition)
  • Plain black school trousers – polyester - not 100% cotton, not with attached belts, not tight fitting to the leg, not flared at the bottom, no combat trousers (i.e. pockets on the legs), no jeans style (i.e. pockets on back) and no lycra trousers
  • Black school skirt – available from Clubsport only. Pupils should ensure their skirt is the correct length for their height (i.e.skirts must not be too short and must be worn just above the knee or just below the knee)
  • Black school shorts – OPTIONAL for summer term only – available from Clubsport only (no other styles permitted). Pupils choosing to wear shorts must wear with school shoes and socks as normal
  • White shirt – not fitted style, worn tucked into the trousers, collar big enough for top button to be done up
  • School tie – worn correctly with logo visible below the knot and not frayed or written on
  • Black school shoes – strong and fully enclosed to protect the foot with no visible logos - no trainers (including black leather trainers), no walking shoes, no boots, no high-heeled shoes, no canvas shoes or pumps, no VANS, Converse or similar styles
  • Plain dark socks – not white, striped or patterned. No trainer socks to be worn with trousers
  • Outdoor coat (if needed) with a loop to hang in the cloakroom – no sweatshirts, hoodies or tracksuit tops
  • Undergarments should not be visible, e.g. through shirts and above trousers level
  • Belts (if needed) should be plain black or navy with a plain buckle
  • Hair should be a natural colour and not two-toned or striped, e.g. excessively highlighted or dyed.
  • Hairstyles should be sensible and suitable for a workplace. No hairstyle should draw undue attention to the wearer and so distract others, i.e. spiked too high, hanging in the face, dreadlocks, untidily cut, too short (number 1 minimum length allowed). Short hair must be gradually blended, unblended undercuts are not permitted. No mohawks or clipper cut patterns allowed. No excessive use of hair gel or wax is permitted
  • Jewellery should be restricted to one small plain round gold/silver coloured stud in each ear - no other jewellery, including any other piercing, is permitted
  • A watch (no smart watches are permitted) and one charity wristband can be worn, no hairbands are allowed to be worn on wrists
  • Suitable school bags: preferably a rucksack or messenger bag style - no handbags, bags must be free from graffiti
  • No nail varnish (including gel or acrylic nails) is allowed
  • No make-up is allowed to be worn in Y7 and Y8
  • Y9-Y11 pupils may wear light foundation/tinted moisturiser suitable for a workplace only. No eye make-up (including brow make up and mascara) is permitted. No blusher or lipstick is allowed.
  • Hair bands should be plain dark colours. Brightly coloured hair accessories are not acceptable, e.g. no ornate headbands, scrunchies, hair braids or hair wraps

We endeavour to explain to the pupils on a regular basis the benefits of a smart appearance in life. We are very fortunate at our school that we don’t often have to apply sanctions to pupils for not wearing the correct uniform. However, pupils are aware that there are consequences to not adhering to our uniform and appearance code.