Silver DofE training

A wet weekend in Snowdonia for Silver DofE training, and the Stem Expedition:

After school on Friday 9th June, pupils going to North Spain for the STEM expedition in July, headed in school minibuses to Snowdonia, under the careful driving and 'mountainous tutelage' of Mr Melvin, Mr Preston, Miss Jenman and Mrs Milne.

A monsoon of cold rain greeted the pupils at the campsite below Tryfan, and everyone was soon soaked through to the skin as they tried to cook their evening meal, and then breakfast the next morning, under a drenching sky. Initially protected by tarps erected with Mr Preston's help, the high winds threatened to blow the tarps away, and Saturday became a very wet affair.

It was too dangerous to take sodden pupils up into the mountains, so a drive to Newborough Sands was undertaken, and the pupils practiced micro-navigation with map and compass in the shelter of Newborough Forest - excellent experience for the pupils intending to take Silver DofE.

When the rain finally stopped, it was like paradise. After a half day's walk around Lyn Idwal on Sunday, the pupils and staff returned on to school at 5pm, on Sunday evening, with their resilience well and truly tested. The pupils coped in hellish weather admirably, showing their grit and determination.

There will be a lot of drying tents and equipment over the following week!