Wigmore V Lady Hawkins

On Wednesday the 21st of November the year 10 netball team consisting of 7 players (Ella, Niamh, Chenas, Ellie, Georgie, Paige and Erin), set off to Lady Hawkins School to play a 20 minute long netball match. The girls started in the following positions GK- Erin, GD- Ella, WD- Niamh, C- Chenas, WA- Paige, GA- Ellie and GS- Georgie. The game started and the girls made of to a great start with excellent flow down the court, and shots going in without fault. There were a few incidents of contact, footwork and obstruction but the girls brushed it off and carried on going. The score at half time was 10-3. The year 10 team made some changes and the positions were as follows: GK- Georgie, GD- Ella, WD- Niamh, C- Chenas, WA- Paige, GA- Erin and GS- Ellie. The opposition quickly picked up their 4th and final goal in the second half and Erin and Ellie scored another 9 goals between them. The play in the second half was slightly more frantic but overall a great outcome. At the end of the game it was revealed that Wigmore won 19-4 and Georgie got player of the match. The game proved very successful and the stronger team came out on top.