Welcome to Wigmore Nursery

A child’s journey begins at Nursery. Those first steps in an educational setting can be both exciting and overwhelming for parents and children alike. At Wigmore, our highly experienced and qualified staff not only care for and support the children to ensure they settle quickly and become familiar with their new surroundings, but also work closely with parents to ensure they are fully involved in their child’s development.

Located in the beautiful rural North Herefordshire countryside, our Nursery caters for children between the ages of 3 and 4 years old in a setting based in the Primary School. We offer a variety of sessions throughout the week from 8:00am to 4:00pm daily.

The children in Nursery learn and develop through exciting and stimulating activities and experiences. We strongly believe that learning should be fun and is initiated by a child’s curiosity for the world.

Children in the Nursery are part of the Early Years Foundation Stage of education. The children experience a broad and well-balanced curriculum. Through a combination of child initiated play, adult led activities, planned experiences and visits, the children develop physical, logical, creative and emotional skills, as well as forming the foundations of literacy and numeracy learning. The children have access to a stimulating and well-resourced environment both inside and outside.

We are a small Nursery setting which benefits from the staff knowing the children and their families incredibly well. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs and interests of each individual child. Adults support the children’s play as well as planning more directed activities to introduce and develop concepts and skills.

We support the children to develop independence and to learn to work and play as part of a group. They develop social and emotional skills and a positive attitude towards learning. By the time they leave Nursery, they are fully prepared to join full-time education in our Reception Class at the Primary School.

Our Nursery children are very much part of the Primary School and join the older children for various events throughout the year. They also have access to the wonderful facilities that are shared with the High School. Staff and pupils from both the Primary and High interact with the children so they start to become familiar with people and surroundings as they move through the school. Joint sessions with the Primary School Reception class and teacher are regular features of their time in Nursery.

If you are considering sending your child to our Nursery, then please contact the Primary School office to arrange a visit and speak to our staff. We would love to hear from you.


Dean Curtis BSc, PGCE, MEd

Executive Headteacher