Key Person System

When your child starts at Wigmore Nursery they will be assigned a Key Person. The Key Person has responsibilities for working with a small group of children; helping them feel safe and secure and building a relationship and partnership with the child and their families. Children become confident, independent and most resilient when they are supported by sound relationships which is why the Key Person System is valued so much.

What is the role of the Key Person?

  • A Key Person helps your child to become familiar with the setting and to feel confident and safe within its surroundings.
  • Spends time getting to know your child, their interest, behaviours and preferences.
  • They will develop a bond with children and offer a consistent and close relationship.
  • A Key Person meets the needs of each child they have and responds sensitively to their feelings, ideas and behaviour.
  • They will talk to parents to make sure the child is settling in and form a relationship with the family to bridge any gaps between home and Nursery.
  • Observe, plan and records children’s achievements in an Early Years Profile which will be shared with parents and carers during parents evenings and upon request.
  • Helping parents feel connected with their child’s life at nursery by sharing information - written and verbal, observations and photographs.