Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher

Mr Dean Curtis

Senior Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Sarah Steer

Head of School

Mrs Lesley Grady

School Business Manager

Ms Alison MacArthur

Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)

Mrs Amanda Townsend

Teaching Staff

Year 6 Sycamore Class

Mr David Sallis (Head of Upper Primary)

Year 5 Cherry Class

Miss Lucy Bright

Year 4 Willow Class

Mrs Emily Edwards

Year 3 Laurel Class

Miss Marnie Wiliams

Year 2 Elm Class

Mrs Rebecca Williams (Head of Lower Primary)

Year 1 Beech Class

Miss Megan Hamer

Reception Oak Class

Mrs Sue Paton (Head of EYFS)

Nursery Acorn Class

Mrs Martine Fleet (Nursery Supervisor)
Mrs Lisa Lyness (Nursery Supervisor)

Support Staff


Mrs Liz Paterson (Primary School Administrator)


Mrs Lorna Luscott (Lunchtime Supervisor)
Mrs Christine Grafton (Cleaner)
Mrs Rebecca Grafton (Lunchtime Supervisor)
Mrs Doreen Mills (Cleaner)
Mrs Debbie Ravenhill (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Student Support

Mrs Sarah Barnett (TA)
Mrs Lucy Edwards (TA) (Lunch and After School Supervisor)
Mrs Michelle Holmes (TA) (Lunch and After School Supervisor)
Mrs Hannah Jones (TA)
Mrs Vicky Jones (TA)
Miss Jess Morris (TA)
Mrs Sam Panniers (TA)
Mrs Alexia Phillips (TA)
Mrs Joyce Probert (TA)

Teaching Staff (High School Based)


Mr Jonathan Bell


Mrs Ceri Price


Miss Jess Davies


Mrs Vicky Jones


Mr John Melvin

Support Staff (High School Based)


Ms Helen Cleminson (Senior First Aider/Administrator)
Mrs Jennie Fisher (Finance Administrator)
Mrs Jane Gale (Receptionist / Administrator)
Mrs Susie Milne (Teaching School Administrator)
Mrs Elaine Norton (Reprographics Assistant)
Mrs Sue Paget (Librarian / Reprographics Administrator)
Mrs Mandy Peters (Cover, Data and Exams Administrator)
Miss Lorna Philip (Headteacher’s Personal Assistant)


Mrs Donna Jenkins (Catering Manager)
Miss Jane Brooke (Deputy Catering Manager)
Miss Deborah Mansell
Miss Cherish Tolley

IT Support

Mr Simon Eades (IT Network Manager)
Mr Charley Wade (IT Support Assistant)


Mr Walton Brown (Site Manager) (Senior Lunchtime Supervisor)
Mrs Clare Bufton (Lunchtime Supervisor)
Miss Louise Hebbes (Cleaner)
Miss Francesca Nadin (Cleaner) (Lunchtime Supervisor)
Mr Derek Phillips (Assistant Site Manager)
Mrs Jane Summers (Cleaner) (Lunchtime Supervisor)
Miss Domenica Williams (Cleaner) (Lunchtime Supervisor)

Student Support

Mrs Heather Wilson (Family Support Worker)