School Transport

School transport is organised through Herefordshire Council School Transport department.  Details of transport provision is on the Herefordshire Council website:

Herefordshire School Transport policy states that free transport is provided to a child's nearest school and runs at the beginning and the end of the normal school day.  No transport is available for out-of-hours activities.  School transport will provide free transport if your child is attending their nearest school and:

  • live over three miles from school (over two miles if they are under 8 years old) or
  • have income based free school meals and live over two miles from school or
  • their route to school is less than three miles, but too dangerous to walk even when accompanied.

If you don’t qualify for free transport, there is a Vacant Seat Payment Scheme.  If Herefordshire Council have a spare seat on a bus, they may be able to ‘sell’ a seat to you in return for a termly contribution.  The cost for 2018/19 is £789 a year, paid termly at £285 for the autumn and spring terms and £219 for the summer term. 

To find out all the latest transport news effecting schools in Herefordshire, please follow the link below.

School Transport Alerts