About Our Nursery

Wigmore Nursery is situated in Wigmore Primary School which along with Wigmore High School is part of Wigmore School Academy Trust. Our setting is based in the primary school with our own seperate and well equipped classroom. The nursery setting is an intergral part of the primary school known as 'Acorns Class'. We have access to all the facilities across the academy which includes, School Halls, outside playgrounds, cooking facilities and school play areas.


We offer inclusive care and education for children from 3 years rising to 5, including those who are eligible for Nursery Education Funding (NEF). This also includes children who may have a special educational need, an additional language or disability. We respect and value the diversity of families and individual children who may come through our doors; encouraging them to grow in confidence, independance an gaining a positive self identity. 

Wigmore employs three qualified Early Years Practitioners and an Early Years Co-ordinator (The Reception Class Teacher) who work closely together to maintain a high standard of care and education 

  • "Staff have high expectations about what children can achieve."

    - Ofsted
  • "Children are offered a wide range of stimulating activities which help them develop a positive attitude towards learning"

    - Ofsted

The curriculum is planned carefully to provide a wide range of exciting play opportunities and to develop basic skills and the knowledge necessary for a smooth transition into school. Activities are tailored to meet children's individual and unique needs which provide opportunities for each child's development to be supported and extended where appropriate. 

We respect and value the role in which parents and carers hold as children's first educators; we continue to strive to develop a close working collaboration with our families and the wider community.